Wow time flies when your procrastinating!

Wow time flies when your procrastinating!

Posted on June 2, 2022.

Much has been accomplished between this blog and the last one. My monthly exhibition video (now 2) that usually airs prior to drawing the names of the winners of the drawing at month's end was almost successful...and would have been if I hadn't left out 10 artworks. Actually, 12 but the last two ( maybe the best )are still not included either. I went back and made another short video including the 10, which incidentally seems to be the only one people had been seeing since they were both published at the same time... No clue why and could not begin to guess why that was. 

YouTube /my channel and strange events … it's a year's long-running theme. I used to wait for some fantastic artwork tutorial to go viral … let's just say I don't wait anymore. I thought the solution to allow people to see the content of the last 100 artworks would be to just publish a slideshow( and I have ….now) but my first attempt uploaded slowly, all day and part of the evening too. Too long. Still, I uploaded it to YT and then come to find out it was just 4 seconds long. 

So I redid the whole 105 slides and tried again, this time it uploaded in 5-10 mins. Lots of new artworks between my last blog and now. Some days 3-5 tutorials ready to upload to Youtube, which I do as often as I can squeeze them in. Many days a week I wait for the perfect cloudy(ish) day to take photos of the recently dry artworks outside on an old easel (100 + years old in fact) Now held together literally by duct tape and an armature of objects surrounding it to keep the wind from letting fall again on its face. I love that easel but I have nearly obliterated it. Anyone know a handy woodworker? All the hardware is intact, it's just the wood that's splitting and falling off. 

Pretty good for 5 years outside in the Florida sun and rain. I have now shipped off the drawing winners' artworks and a painting headed to the United Kingdom. Tomorrow I do what can be done. I edit sign and date and add hardware and file. If I am lucky I might get to paint. Then I really have to decide if (before the weather gets impossibly hot after mid-March) if I can gather my courage and hold a tent even. I have a 10'x20'tent and a friend close by has an English cottage garden surrounded home with the perfect spot to put up the tent on a concrete RV pad. She's willing but do I have time to print the necessary invitations and hand them out and put up the tent and hang the show. We shall see.

 I hope you all are well and painting up a beautiful distracting storm of art.

I love you all.♥ Priscilla

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