My New Blog Begins Priscilla Batzell - Video Tutorial Creator Teacher-Author Curator Marketer Editor

My New Blog Begins Priscilla Batzell - Video Tutorial Creator Teacher-Author Curator Marketer Editor

Posted on June 1, 2022.

I am a blog virgin and feel a bit lost without much of a clue where to begin. Writing this makes me want to go paint...but that actually applies to most things anyway...

Todays to do list includes attempting to start this blog. 

Let the multitasking begin.

Uploading a video(s) to my YouTube Channel Expressionist Studio 

while getting ready for the day.

It's really important that I write my appreciation list that gets my head straight.

Respond to video comments that arrived while I slept.

Make sure I remembered to share the next video airing to 4 Facebook pages/groups.

Wish I would remember to update the contents of the albums on Expressionist art studio Fans & Collectors.

Remember there are already posts at Fine Art America 


and Tee spring 

No hoops or learning curves just an hour to create all the accompanying posts if I choose to share new works there.

Contemplate editing photos of new art for publishing later in the day.

Anticipate the 2:30 pm photo session for yesterday's now dry artworks.

Next, find the Canadian company's email whose name I wrote on a random scrap of paper(and immediately forgot) somewhere on my desk and who's starred email I must search out before it disappears into the abyss of 3000 built-up emails needing to be deleted. There is a good chance my artwork and their amazing selection of merchandise will potentially generate studio production costs covering income if I am willing to do yet another new job. There will of course be the learning curve and the hoops to jump through. All of which makes adding the hardware to 50 resting and ready artworks seem more appealing. Hubby adds the wires and he's impossibly fast except he's procrastinated so long there are a couple hundred artworks ( low estimate) for him to do. Which in turn means I have to beg every few days in hopes that, this will be the day some will get wire added and I can feel a bit better about getting organized.

Arriving in the studio.

Check for paints that need replenishing 

Check the "bucket" for overextended paint water for removal and replace it.

Choose my favorite 20 bottles of paint and check to see which are plugged and open them.

Find the memory card for the camera make sure it's installed, plug the camera in.

Set the timer so I will know when there are still 3 mins left to share promotional information(that keeps the studio rolling hopefully)

Ready set...find and look at notes and sketches in case theres something that was especially inspiring that might be the most fun to do first. Try and convince myself to resist swiping another swipe ( I am addicted)Get excited about that anyway and do it. Because I can. There are always Unlimited possibilities...

Assuming your head didn't explode, I wonder if theres anything left to report tomorrow. Wish me luck, doing this is, its long overdue and hopefully cathartic ( stress relieving...fingers crossed).Thanks for stopping by. I will try and report and share what happened today tomorrow. I love you all and appreciate your support.


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